Tai Chi for Youth in Orangeville

Youth week-end 2011 group

Almost 20 members, coming from Montreal, Longueuil, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, Barrie and Toronto, gathered this week-end in Orangeville for the Tai Chi for Youth Dual Cultivation Seminar. The young members were led by Julie Poulin from Eastern Region, who also acted as a dragon tamer, during the  dragon practice that was also planned on Saturday evening.

After it’s trip to Straford for the Southwest Centre Grand Opening, the small dragon arrived in Orangeville on time and the group practiced all the new figures like the “Stairs” and the “Double Simple Spiral”!!! After more than one hour of practice, and a small show for the Health Recovery participants, Julie explained why the dragon always runs after a pearl in parades, by telling the group the “Dragon and the Phoenix” Story  (you can read one version of this story here).

Julie explaining the figures to the group

Dragon bowing during "The Stairs"

Throughout the week-end, the  group was also given the mission to make room and clean out the practice hall to make it ready for CIT Week coming up in August. They moved hundreds of chairs and huge decoration pieces, they also mopped the floor, realizing that they were having their Dual Cultivation Seminar and having fun doing it!

Moving a piece of decoration to clean the practice hall


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2 responses to “Tai Chi for Youth in Orangeville

  1. JET

    Great to see all the familair and relaxed faces ! Thanx
    Wish you lots of good health from Amsterdam South East

  2. Congratulations…..
    what a lovely ….account…….
    way to go…..

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