Czech Republic Welcomes International Instructors to Brno

In the second half of June, the Taoist Tai Chi Society in the Czech Republic hosted an International Instructors Workshop. Similar workshops have been held in Prague or Ostrava, but for this workshop the Moravian capital Brno was selected. The main reason for this choice was it was easily accessibility for members of other Societies in central Europe, namely, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia. This workshop was also seen as a logistical and organizational test to determine whether this location might be suitable for building a large Central European center, similar to the centers in Madrid, Colchester, and Helmond.

The workshop was led by Karen Laughlin, the president of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society, Sean Dennison, director of the FLK Institute of Taoism (both from the United States), and Carmen Capilla, member of the Board of Directors and  the president of ERC MSTTC (from Spain). Two more members of the ERC, Ankie Boumans from the Netherlands and Iwona Kaszowska from Poland, shared their experience with us.

During the workshop we had a chance to draw on the rich experience of direct students of Master Moy’s, underscoring in many ways that the teaching of Master Moy Lin-shin is so big! The searching for softness, roundness and intention, not only in the moves, wove through the entire workshop like a connecting thread.

Every morning we were able to chant. Meals provided an opportunity for new encounters and exchanges of information and experience. We listened to stories about how Karen and Sean began in the Society, the FLK temple, and about the path that led the way to the centers in Madrid and Helmond. Since this was an instructors workshop, a recurring question posed was,  “What does being an instructor give you?” Friday afternoon we had a demo in the open air at the Mendel Square in Brno, where we managed to invite reporters and Czech television. The result was not only a pleasant feeling from practicing outside in a beautiful setting (see photos) to show the citizens of Brno what our Society offers, but also a short presentation on regional t.v. This five-day workshop was attended by 280 participants from 12 countries (Czech Republic 151, Hungary 45, Poland 36, Slovakia 26, Netherlands 8, United Kingdom 5, Germany 2, USA 2, Spain 1, Italy 1, Denmark 1, Ireland 1, Romania 1).

Great thanks to the instructors, organizers, and all participants for a great experience we will always recall with pleasure.

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3 responses to “Czech Republic Welcomes International Instructors to Brno

  1. Sheila Durrant

    Congratulations all, for another successful workshop. What a beautiful setting to get together for such an exchange.

  2. Oh I’m so envious! Way too hot in Texas to do Tai Chi outside (well, 3am might be cool enough LOL). I’m looking forward to seeing the Helmond group in Nov.

    Dallas, TX

  3. Congratulations…………..
    best wishes from ….

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