National Media Attention for Costa Rica Branch

All eyes have been on the Costa Rica branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society over the last few months as a few national media have turned their attention to our art and the aims and objectives of the Society.
Our presentation of TTCS at the Ministry of Justice and Peace in the capital of Costa Rica in April provided a connection to a host of a National radio programme that proved fruitful. A one-hour interview was broadcast live on July 5 on Central radio throughout Costa Rica. This block of air time allowed us to share more of the aims and objectives and their expression in the club here than is often possible in public presentations, and it was a good challenge to connect with listeners without the benefit of the visuals of demonstrating the form. A long-time student Rodgrigo Gamez, an instructor Leticia Bonilla and asociación president Peter Turner shared the conversation and balanced the responses to the interviewer’s questions.
The programme’s focus is on values in the community and we were able to cover aspects of the importance of virtues and compassion as a basis for our service in the community.
On April 29—the day we lost our new lease option that triggered the events leading to our new home—we had our first TV presence in Costa Rica: a live, half-hour programme, Sello de Oro, targeting seniors. Two instructors, Tineke Harteveld and Leticia Bonilla, did a great job with the interview, while Fernando Alpizar, Emilia Mora, Daniel and Patricia Wittkopp and Peter Turner did the demos; there was a minimum 55 year threshold indicated appropriate for the target audience and limited space in the studio. We were able to demonstrate the first 17 moves and then the foundations, including some seated Tai Chi. Everything went off smoothly and we received more than 100 calls at the Centre.
The Costa Rica branch has been challenged to get acceptance in the media in Costa Rica and are happy to have had presence on national TV and radio this year after several years of trying. Plans are underway to follow up with a TV programme in our new home later this year. Our membership continues to grow as does participation of the members in the life of the Taoist Tai Chi Society here.


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2 responses to “National Media Attention for Costa Rica Branch

  1. Rosa Salom

    Great inspiration for all of us to follow ! Congratulations! Rosa Salom

  2. Dave Frame

    Good work in making Taoist Tai Chi available to all, promoting the health benefits, cultural exhange and helping others…

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