Taoist.org Has a Totally New Look

Just in time for 2011 Awareness Day, CIT Week, and Fung Loy Kok 30th Anniversary celebrations, the International Taoist Tai Chi Society has redesigned our main website, www.taoist.org. Click on it and you’ll discover a new modern look, an easier interface to locate classes, an up-to-the-minute feed from this very blog on the homepage, and plenty of other fun and useful features. We’ll be updating additional information and page designs in the coming weeks and months.


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9 responses to “Taoist.org Has a Totally New Look

  1. Jean Latz Griffin

    Congrats and kudos to everyone who had a hand in making this happen. It is truly a beautiful, inviting, user-friendly and up-to date-site. Love the colors and the movement. – Jean

  2. Ernest McCrank

    Yes, hat’s off to those who made the new site such a pleasure to wander through. Very nice.

  3. Now what was that about a Continuing Practice Workshop….
    Of Web-Site- design…..
    An Articulated Lorry-Load of Congratulations…..
    For a job well done……
    On it’s way…
    Direct I might add……
    To…….’ you all ‘….
    From ‘us all ‘….
    Over the sea in ….
    Best wishes on a Super-Dupper……C.I.T……week…
    And for all the workshops/events/celebrations……..

  4. Anthony Chiu

    Bravo! Love the fresh new look. Sleek, clean, simple, minimalist, contemporary and very easy to navigate.

  5. Neil

    The new website looks fantastic. It reads well and it is very easy and intuitive to navigate. Really well done.

    One suggestion: disable the automatic scrolling that takes you through the various windows in “the art of tai chi” section (the section of the website you go to after clicking the orange circle at the top of the front page). That way readers can turn the page at their own pace and linger if they’d like to.

    Toronto (Bathurst)

  6. Wow, what a surprise! Looks great guys! Keep up the good work.

    Dallas, TX

  7. Sander

    Nice job!! The site has a nice modern and warm look and more important – gets the message across. I second the Kudos to all who were involved. Love it! Sander – Illinois

  8. anna

    looks good, clear transparant, wu wei…

    See people in Madrid in October.

    Anna B, Amsterdam

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