CIT Week Day 1–Report from Orangeville

One day down and the more than 600 members gathered at the International Centre in Orangeville, Ontario, for CIT Week 2011 have already done hundreds of danyus. The workshop is being led by Tony Kwong, with help from facilitators Sean Dennison, Marsha Eberhardt, and Karen Laughlin. It’s an impressive thing to watch so many people moving up and down in (almost) unison. As many commented, the momentum of the large group helps keep you going when you would otherwise stop on your own.

A new, expansive deck off the back of the practice hall has doubled the amount of space usable for tai chi. The large group has been divided in half—those with a CIT assignment and those awaiting one—and, like the hands, feet and body in the Taoist Tai Chi set, the two groups are working independently together. The deck is tented with sail cloth that billows and snaps in the wind, providing a lovely accompaniment to the graceful movement.

But there’s more to CIT Week than danyus and toryus (thank goodness!). Preparations are underway for the 2011 Awareness Day celebrations in downtown Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square. Dragon legs are being trained for the intricate movements that will make North America’s longest dragon come alive in the streets of Toronto. Meetings are being conducted to ensure that smooth reception and handling of the many VIPs and media expected to join us for the celebration. And everyone is excited by the fun and hard work to come.


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2 responses to “CIT Week Day 1–Report from Orangeville

  1. Lovely account……
    Best wishes on the continued…….
    best wishes…..
    from all in Ireland……

  2. Ken Erwood

    ahhhh – it all sounds great. There will be many people returning from the huge event last year, and I am sorry not to be one of them. All the best for this year from Canberra, Australia.

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