Scenes from Day 1

Photographer Frank Duffy has captured the first day of CIT Week at Orangeville in these beautiful photographs.

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7 responses to “Scenes from Day 1

  1. Caroline Fréchette

    Wow! Thanks for that. We wish we could be there with you. C’est un peu être avec vous! Bonne semaine à tous!

  2. WOW , il y a beaucoup de monde. On aimerait y être !
    Louise-Anne et Denis

  3. Peggy Glenn

    The new deck is great! Wonderful first day. It is always nice to see friends from all over the world.

  4. many thank-you’s for this amazing slide show…..
    how many we see and know…….
    so many we shall come to know…….
    a real sense of belonging…….
    of being….
    many wishes/hopes/smiles….
    ‘from across the sea in Ireland’…..
    please note that last line sounds much better when sung……

  5. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. Soon we will make the voyage…soon.

  6. Dawna Knowles

    Great photography! Wonderful to send to friends.
    Thank you!

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