2011 CIT Week in Pictures

Longp-time Society member and photographer Frank Duffy pointed his camera anywhere and everywhere during CIT week. He snuck into the kitchen for a behind-the-scenes peak, he ran down Toronto’s main thoroughfares to get ahead of the parade, he rose early to witness Taoist chanting, and he joined in on the celebration of Fung Loy Kok’s 30th anniversary at the Toronto Centre on Ohio Road. Click on the links below to view slide shows of the beautiful images he captured so all of us can share in the fun.

2011 Slide Shows

CIT Workshop in Orangeville

Awareness Day in Downtown Toronto

Taoist Chanting

Fung Loy Kok 30th Anniversary


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5 responses to “2011 CIT Week in Pictures

  1. Congratulations…..
    All power to that camera of yours Frank…..
    All power to your eye….
    All power to your skill……
    All power to your ability….
    A bucket-full of thank-you’s for these images……
    And a big bag of smiles….
    To you all…..
    From Us all…..
    across…that pond……
    In Ireland…..

  2. Janice Skeldon

    Thank you for these wonderful and inspiring photos. It was fun to search the images for Tai Chi friends.

  3. You know, it looks like the dragon is breathing out that cloud in an effort to get that ball… How cool is that?

  4. Frank Duffy

    There were 3 other photographers helping out at these events……. Danny Salom, Larry Frazer and Benoltt Joly

    Thanks guys
    frank duffy

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