Louisville Branch Teaches 108 Moves in 12 Hours!

The Louisville, Kentucky branch hosted its inaugural accelerated beginner class on August 27–28, for which 20 participants gathered to experience all 108 moves of the set in just one weekend’s time. It was a fun-filled, action-packed weekend of Tai Chi with new friends. The intense two-day program took on a “take a look, try it on for size” approach, designed for individuals with busy schedules. It was also an excellent refresher course for those members who have been away from class for a while.  Continuing members and instructors shared heart-warming testimonials of the health improving benefits of Taoist Tai Chi and told stories of their recent travel adventures attending workshops. Yes, the participants left Sunday evening tired, but they all left smiling, as bodies and minds had been cultivated, hearts warmed and spirits lifted.  Indeed, they were eager to learn more, to continue their practice and to share this art we are all so fortunate to have been given. Thank you Master Moy, thank you!


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2 responses to “Louisville Branch Teaches 108 Moves in 12 Hours!

  1. Congratulations….
    yet one more account of this accelerated method….
    the best of wishes….
    and a big bag-full of hope….
    from the shores of Ireland……

  2. Congrats, Louisville, Those of us at the Midwest Brach were slow-pokes compared to you. Took two weekends! We are big fans of the approach.

    All the best to all!


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