Helmond, The Netherlands, Holds Its First Awareness Day Celebration

On September 3, 2011, 53 membersfrom the Netherlands and Belgium joined a two-day National Workshop in Helmond.

The reconstructions of the new center posed a really a big challenge for all the members present at the workshop. The available practice area had shrunk because of the progress of the renovations. Almost all of the glass was removed from the windows, the old frames being replaced by new. Fortunately good weather arrived the day before the people came. (You can see several pictures on our national website showing the progress)

On Saturday afternoon, workshop attendees were joined by about 70 additional members, who came especially to celebrate Awareness Day. They walked together to the center of Helmond. Balloons and banners and of course the 120 colorful t-shirts we were wearing drew a lot of attention. Our cloud red descended on the square where we planned to do the Awareness Day demo. Lots of people were enjoying the beautiful weather on the terraces looking out over the square. Because of announcements in the local media more public came to watch and asked for information. Also the regional newspaper took a nice picture that was published on Monday!

Members enjoyed the weather, the good atmosphere and last but not least, doing many Taoist Tai Chi sets together. Lots of fruit and drinks were necessary to keep everybody well refreshed!

After the demo we returned to the center to enjoy a Chinese meal together, and for the workshop to continue.

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One response to “Helmond, The Netherlands, Holds Its First Awareness Day Celebration

  1. Congratulations on……
    the first of many celebrations…….
    Thank you for sch a account…..
    Thank you for the lovely images …….
    Loved the walkabout….
    Way to go……
    Best wishes…..
    from the shores of Ireland….

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