Sushi-Making Fundraiser in Costa Rica

On Sunday, September 11, 2011, a group of 22 enthusiastic members gathered at our home for the Sushi Workshop. With bamboo mats and eating sticks, eager to learn more about the art of preparing this Japanese food. Chris Duran, who took the initiative for the fundraiser after receiving very positive comments on her homemade sushi for our opening gathering in May, arrived well prepared with reading material, all the special ingredients, and plates. We learned some exotic names, how to use the mats, to arrange the raw ingredients and some tricks were revealed before starting our adventure.

Just like in Tai Chi, we had to think of (clean and wet) hands first, an interesting food-experience. Patience was the main ingredient for some, dedication and creativity for others. We sure got to know each other better during this challenge. But with positive guidance, all of us managed to make nice rolls and after displaying them on the original plates, the table looked like in a fine restaurant.  Then began the part we all had been looking for: enjoying the sushi…with chopsticks. Certainly a lot of us will repeat the experience at home and allow our family and friends to enjoy this delicious and healthy food, too. Thanks, Chris!

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One response to “Sushi-Making Fundraiser in Costa Rica

  1. Congratulations……….
    on a job well done….
    amazing results..
    from just….. One holding the corner………..
    So many ….
    Lovely images….
    monies raised……
    Hats off !!!!….
    to our Costa Rican cousins….
    wishes and a bag of luck……
    from across that Pond….

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