Alabama Branch Celebrates the Autumn Moon Festival

Homemade mooncakes

Over 50 members and guests of the Alabama Branch celebrated the Autumn Moon Festival with moon cakes, a Pei Pa performance, Chinese dancers, and stories about traditions of the festival, at a pot luck dinner held on Sunday, Sept 18, 2011 at the Montgomery Center of TTCS-USA. 

Member Amy Carr served moon cakes and explained how she made them with special molds and various recipes (a non-traditional chocolate version was popular). Next year she promises to teach other members the techniques for making moon cakes. Guests at the dinner were entertained with stories about the origins of the festival and how it is celebrated. Back by popular demand, our member Lilly Dowling and two of her friends from the Central Alabama Association of Chinese performed a traditional Chinese dance. Everyone was thrilled to hear Xinrou Wang, a university student from northern China, play the Pei Pa, which she has studied since age 6. After their performances, the dancers and Xinrou answered questions about the origins of their arts.
This evening of sharing food, traditions and stories added a new dimension to our understanding of old Chinese traditions and culture.

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3 responses to “Alabama Branch Celebrates the Autumn Moon Festival

  1. Congratulations……
    what a lovely account/images/event…..
    what a wonderful experience……..or rather ….
    Cultural exchange in motion………
    And monies raised to boot……
    Not to mention…..
    Moon cakes….
    Way to go…..
    Bestta luck….
    for the year thats in it….

  2. Elisabeth, Montreal Branch

    Chocolate mooncakes! What a brillant evolving tradition to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Congratulations on a successful Autumn Moon Festival! I love the idea of the chocolate mooncakes, Amy if you have the time, please come up to Knoxville on Sept 29th, as my guest, for our Autumn Moon Banquet. Of course, if you feel the need to bring one of your mooncakes for us to sample, we would really appreciate it! LOL

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