Hungary Hosts International Workshop in Sopron

On October 8 and 9 the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Hungary hosted an International Workshop in Sopron, about 200 kilometers west of Budapest. The IWS was led by Judy Millen and Carmen Capilla, whose instruction, examples, and informative talks were enthusiastically received by 110 participants from five countries (Canada, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). Both Judy and Carmen were long-time students of Master Moy, and they are both members of the International Board of Directors of the TTCS. With their many years of experience they tried to teach us not only how to do a particular exercise, but also to use our eyes to observe. We all felt like the instructions were meant for us individually, and indeed Judy and Carmen gave corrections to many people, sometimes merely by pointing to the shoulders, hips, or knees. Yet the biggest impressions that the workshop left on us participants was how Judy and Carmen talked about Master Moy, about the Society, and about their personal experience. We realized that this combination of physical exercise and teaching through stories was the way to help people to improve their health, both physical and mental. Especially for those members who have recently joined the Society, the workshop helped us better understand the aims and objectives of the Society.

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PS. See if you can find the travelling tiger on the pictures above as with this workshop he finally arrived back to Sopron where his journey started 1,5 years ago. You can read his journal at

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