Renovations on the Helmond, Netherlands, Centre Intensify Toward Completion

Since our last update we have been deprived of our centre. The construction workers have taken over and now (re)construction is speeding up really fast! Without being there, it’s hard to imagine the tremendous work that is going on. Look at the pictures on to see a little bit of the history and to see what has been growing in Helmond to this point. This whole project is possible thanks to all of our members from all over the world. Together we are creating another place where the heritage of what master Moy considered important for life and for society can be practised and learned.

The sleeping area looks first class already. It is very bright. Coming from the rooms you can look into the huge (over 500 m2) practice hall. The ceiling is being prepared now. The floors in the toilet area and kitchen got their last coating: they are beautiful! The front area looks really fine now that the new double doors are in place. The entrance seems more spacious and brighter. In every corner there are people working to make the centre available soon.

We aim to start moving in during the first weekend of November. Two big containers from China that are arriving in Rotterdam will be delivered to Helmond. Then the fun starts: unloading, moving, cleaning, assembling, cooking and eating, doing tai chi together. A lot of members from Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, and Denmark have already committed to come and help, and we will need each other!

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2 responses to “Renovations on the Helmond, Netherlands, Centre Intensify Toward Completion

  1. congratulations……..
    a lovely account……..
    just to read the lines…..
    brings a real sense of what you are all feeling….
    the best of luck Imaginable……
    all the way from Ireland….

  2. jankoene

    Dear all,

    Last Sunday evening I’ve been in the Helmond Tai Chi Centre; it’s beautiful!

    I’m new in the “World of Taoist Tai Chi”. Till now I’ve been to the “Health Recovery Workshop” in Madrid (Spain; Oct. 2011) and the “International Instructors Workshop” in Someren (Netherlands; Nov. 2011). To me Tai Chi is like reborn; a hole life to live for. It’s good for my health and make me very happy 🙂

    So, thank you all for given me back a beautiful missing part of my life!

    Jan Koene

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