News Flash: You Are Never Too Old (or Too Young) To Learn & Benefit from Tai Chi

Billie Bridgman, age 94, at a class in Guelph, Ontario

Billie Bridgman, a resident of Guelph, Ontario, didn’t start learning the 108 moves of the Taoist Tai Chi set until she was 78 years old. That was 16 years ago, and now at age 94, she relies on her weekly classes to keep her flexible, both physically and mentally. Ines Davis, 63, another Guelph resident, has been practicing for 10 years. Her tai chi helped her overcome lower back pain. Davis finds inspiration in Bridgman’s practice, as well as in the health benefits she feels.  No news to us, but local Guelph Mercury reporter Rob O’Flanagan profiles Taoist Tai Chi in this recent article.

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