Tai Chi in the Copenhagen Night

A couple of Friday evenings ago, members in Copenhagen met for a nice dinner before heading out into the streets of Copenhagen to do demos. It is the annual Kulturnatten or “Cultural Night” in Copenhagen, and from early evening until past midnight the streets are filled with people visiting the many cultural institutions and historic places that open their doors once a year for these special events.

It was a cool evening, but the enthusiastic members put on the glow-in-the-dark Awareness Day t-shirts, nonetheless. Time passed quickly when doing tai chi and many flyers were given out to interested bystanders. There were many people on the streets and many took a break to enjoy the peaceful tai chi movements before hurrying off to the next event.

At the culmination of the evening, the Ministry of the Treasury invited the Society to give some demos in the cozy gardens of the Ministry’s historic buildings. The Ministry arranged for guided tours all evening through the halls and meeting rooms where the financial policies of Denmark have been executed for more than three centuries. The tour is popular, sold out, in fact, so many visitors enjoyed the harmonious tai chi movement while waiting in the gardens for their tours. Several visitors asked questions and the ministry’s employees looked curiously on the smiling tai chiers wearing glowing lotus flowers.

Close to midnight the group of tai chiers took the last tour of the halls of power. It was an interesting tour visiting many beautiful halls and rooms, including those where the king used to keep his mistresses – next to his offices, now a meeting room and the hall where the state budget is negotiated. Lastly, a tired group of tai chiers in glowing lotus flowers took a group picture posing around the national treasury chest.

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  1. Maisie

    The T shirts look great!

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