New Festival of Health and Longevity Banquet at Chicago Workshop

The Midwest Branch played host to three successful events in Chicago over the weekend of October 22–23, 2011: a national workshop, the Northeast Region’s Annual Meeting, and a new Festival of Health & Longevity banquet.

Almost 100 people made their way to the historic American Indian Center, where the Northeast Regional Instruction Committee led a two-day workshop. Special guests included Dave Draper, one of the Society’s international directors based in Toronto, as well as Jane Edwards and Sean Dennison, president and executive director, respectively, of the TTCS USA. It was only a short walk away from the practice space to the branch’s Chicago location on Montrose Avenue, where lunch was served.

The Annual Meeting for the Northeast Region welcomed delegates from every branch in the region, a first. In addition to the typical business at hand, a branch delegate reported on one item or event that characterized the goings on at the branch. From television demos to branch mergers to successful external classes, the news of the region was interesting and inspiring.

The first day of the workshop was capped off by the inauguration of what is to become a new annual banquet celebrating the health and healing benefits of the Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts of health. Some 140 guests attended the feast at the Ming Hin restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown. Among the special guests attending the banquet were professor Christina Hui-Chan, head of the department of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Professor Hui-Chan is one of the leading authorities on how Tai Chi helps with balance and stroke recovery.  Dr. Kim K. Tee, a foot and ankle surgeon who is president of the Chinese American Museum in Chicago, also attended and spoke about the festivities in store for the 100th anniversary of Chicago’s Chinatown. Entertainment was provided by Chihsuan Yang and Brent Roman, who played the traditional Chinese instruments erhu and yangqin, Columbus branch member Kia-Hui Tan, who gave a virtuoso violin performance, and classical guitarist Oren Fader of the Tri-State Branch, who played an assortment of melodies.

Mark your calendars for next year’s festivities, which will take place on the third weekend in October.

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