Norway Branch Participates in Festival of Lights

As the daylight dims and the long nights of Scandinavian winters approach, the members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Norway took part in a festival of lights.

The river Akerselva in the capital Oslo, a former area for the growing textile industries of the early 20th century, was lit by torches for several kilometers for an annual arrangement called Elvelangs i fakkellys. Local volunteer organizations and art groups gave numerous artistic or cultural contributions, such as giant hovering dragons, instrumental and choir music performances, flame shows,  shadow theatre, light installations, and much more.  As many as 30.000 people took part in the walk down the river, and this year one of the many demonstrations participants could encounter was Taoist Tai Chi. This was the first time the Norway Society took part in this arrangement, which we believe will be a great way to make our organization more visible in the community. 

Our presentation turned out exactly as we had dreamed it would. Several members showed up, eager to contribute and do their part in making our organization more known, bringing equipment such as oil lamps and trays for fireplaces to set the right mood. The new 2011 Awareness Day t-shirts could not have been more suitable for this night-time presentation among flaming lights, since the lotus on the front glows in the dark! On our allotted ground we had our banner lit by two fires, and in a square of lights members played tai chi below the starry night sky. Thousands stopped to watch—hopefully becoming curious about tai chi.

Due to the massive rainfall in Norway these last months, the river is especially impressive right now, as it makes its way from the woods down to the fjord by the city center; the waterfalls foam and splash.  No fewer than 3,500 torches reflected in the deep, dark mirror of the water this evening. It was surely a magical night out for all, casual strollers and contributors alike.

Thus, we hope to play our part in spreading the Taoist Tai Chi way of community, health and spiritual balance to more people who can benefit from it. We say goodbye to the long bright days for now, and work on our inner light instead. 

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One response to “Norway Branch Participates in Festival of Lights

  1. Congratulations……
    What an Event……
    Lovely account…….
    Great Pics……
    All resulting……….
    Practice ….
    Required for…….Norway…….
    As they say across the pond….
    Way To Go………
    bestta wishes from the Ireland……..

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