Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill MSP Joins in Society Display at Scottish Parliament

Half-a-dozen press photographers turned out to snap Member of Scottish Parliament Kenny MacAskill trying his hand at some moves during a display outside the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh on Friday, November 11, 2011.

The event launched a weekend of celebrations for the GB Society’s 30th anniversary, which will include an International workshop and a lunchtime banquet.

The publicity team were thrilled that so many photographers came, helping to fulfil the Society objective of promoting the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi ™ internal arts, and felt that, just as in tai chi, they are continuing to improve through practice. It’s the first time they’d experienced such a good turn-out by the press.

There was also an impressive turn-out of Society members in the middle of a working day. Nearly one hundred braved the chill wind in what, according to the locals, was a mild November day. Leaflets were given out to passers-by and to tourists, who seemed pleasantly surprised to find such a colourful event in the seat of government.

Afterwards, participants met in the nearby Cafe at the Palace of Holyrood House a short walk away to share a warming lunch of soup and sandwiches before going to the Trinity Academy in the city to help prepare the hall for the 220 people expected at the workshop.

Kenny MacAskill is the Scottish Justice Minister and is the MSP representing the Edinburgh Eastern area, where the Society’s Ravenscroft clubhouse is situated. After taking part in the display, he tweeted to say how relaxing he found it, and that it relieved his back pain.

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One response to “Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill MSP Joins in Society Display at Scottish Parliament

  1. Congratulations……..
    Yet one more time……
    Psst……..we’re getting good at this…….
    A wonderful event……
    the additional blessings the day brought……..
    Get that minister signed up……
    the best of wishes……..
    from across the sea……
    way to go…..

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