30th Anniversary Banquet in Edinburgh

Edinburgh hosted the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain’s 30th anniversary celebrations with an International Workshop for 244 people on November 12–14, 2011.

The workshop included a Saturday lunchtime banquet, where congratulations were extended by Society representatives from Europe and America and, closer to home, by the Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill on behalf of the government and Councilor Ronald Cairns on behalf of City of Edinburgh Council.

The Justice Minister said that the way people are increasingly living separate lives was the key to understanding the contribution of the Society. “Something we need to restore is a sense of community,” he said, “and you have that here.”

Marsha Eberhardt, who co-led the workshop with Andrew Hung, was in full agreement: the Taoist Tai Chi Society is itself a community with service as an important aspect of the practice, just as it is for politicians who serve the communities they represent.

She reminded everyone of how Master Moy dedicated his life to share the deep training and traditions of Taoist Tai Chi ™ arts of health and traced the development of the organisation he had created in order to make these arts available to all.

Turning to the development in GB, Paul Davies, President of the Society in Great Britain, thanked Master Moy and everyone who had contributed over the past 30 years. He pointed out that according to Confucius, a person should begin to be established in their career by the time they reach thirty.

As part of that establishment, he announced that the large former supermarket premises in Marionville Road had now been purchased and would be renovated to become a new Scottish Regional Centre.

Happy Anniversary Great Britain!

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