New Centre in Holland Is Open for Business

We’re happy to announce that we can start using the new centre in Holland. After six weeks of absence we can now start to enjoy the completely renewed facility. Visit our website to see a detailed visual tour.

We feel privileged to be assigned to take care of a centre for the Society, happy to be so close to where it all happens.

Now we are awaiting over 250 guests for the international instructors workshop coming week. It will truly be international again, people from all over Europe and even from Australia, the USA, and Canada will join. Because the renovations and the permits were delayed this really endangered the workshop, so it was decided to go to Someren again. There will be a report on this event as soon as possible.

For now, with the help of a lot of members we unloaded the containers full of stuff that will be needed in a building this size, the boxes are in the parking garage waiting to be unpacked. The beds are there too, waiting to be brought upstairs and to be assembled into comfortable resting places. Since November 8th this process has been going on every day and a lot of members from all over the country and from Belgium and Germany were able to help out to complete the place.

Of course, the decorations were put up first—it is a big party!

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5 responses to “New Centre in Holland Is Open for Business

  1. Maisie

    It looks wonderful!

  2. Jan Koene

    I’ve been there after de Int.Instr.Workshop in Someren . . . The Helmond center place is big, warm, colorful, lovely and comfortable. Inside it feel like happiness, home!

  3. Jo Domin

    Really looking forward to seeing and being in the Helmond Centre in April for the Grand opening!

  4. It’s beautiful! I hope I get to visit it soon. Last year’s international workshop in Someren was a blast! Best of luck! Alley

  5. Jan Koene

    This weekend we worked at the Helmond center and played Tai Chi and we had a great lunch together. It’s a wonderful place to be and it feels like home: warm and comfortable.

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