International Instructors Workshop in the Netherlands

Last week, November 16–20, 250 members are enjoying a wonderful five day International Instructors Workshop in Someren. Can you imagine, it is mid-November and we are in the Netherlands under clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine, allowing us to do three Tai Chi sets out in the open air. Two years ago the workshop ended in a snowstorm! But now it feels like summer and even the cooks are wokking outside. Members from a record 20 countries are working  together in harmony to develop their Taoist Tai Chi. We regularly split up into small groups to practice and share. The workshop leaders Marsha Eberhardt and Carmen Capilla make us work very hard but it all feels very light and the atmosphere is great.

It is the last time this workshop is held at “De Hoof” in Someren because the Netherlands Centre in Helmond is almost ready to welcome members for the next workshop. Last weekend, each day more than fifty people came to help and we put already eighty bunk beds together. All classes started again. We are now planning the Grand Opening on April, 14, 2012, and we look forward to welcoming members from all over the world to join in our celebrations.


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5 responses to “International Instructors Workshop in the Netherlands

  1. Jan Koene

    To me the Int.Instr.Workshop was a great experience; together living and working, nice atmosfere, tender, useful, good organized, big learning curve. Thanks to you all, for giving me such a wonderful week!

  2. This was my first 5-day workshop and it was really wonderfull. I didn’t expect anything special, but what I learned and experienced in my body and mind was overwhelming. I listned, practiced, shared, heard, saw, helped, contacted people, advised, accepted advice, slept well, chopped vegetables, saw my sister in the flesh, drank tea, did three sets in a row and felt balanced as never before, I’m sure many of you will accompany me to learn even more. Thank you very much!

  3. JOHN

    more photos 🙂

  4. I was there! (tho I am somewhere to the left out of pic LOL). What great fun, fantastic peeps, and a whole lotta work! Thanks Marsha, NL group, and all who made this workshop such a success.

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