International Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand

“How disconcerting to be in a room with 80 nice and positive people.”

This was a wry but enthusiastic comment from a first-time attendee at an international five-day workshop held in Wellington, New Zealand, in November. Another Taoist Tai Chi Society member attending their first workshop called it “life-changing.” Perhaps she was talking about one of the dan-yu sessions! Other comments included being amazed by the energy and flexibility they had and finding that their “head was full of so much to practise.” We were privileged to have instruction from Tony Kwong and Sean Dennison, and members.of our global whanau (Maori for “family”) also came from Australia and the United States. The workshop was one of the most well-attended ever held in New Zealand, and we are looking forward to building on this strength at next year’s international workshop. All members, of course, are welcome!


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6 responses to “International Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand

  1. Sheila Durrant

    Congratulations on a successful workshop!

  2. Jim Gillone

    It gets less disconcerting but no less delightful. Congratulations on a great family gathering.

  3. Jan Koene

    It’s look great!

  4. Pierre Delisle Québec,Canada

    What a nice family you are…! Congratulation..!

  5. Betty Little, Witham, Essex, England

    Fantastic…wish I was there!

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