FLK Workshop and Immortal Lu Shrine Enlivening in Sarasota

Forty-six members from the USA, Canada and Costa Rica gathered in Sarasota, Florida on the weekend of December 3 & 4, 2011, for a Fung Loy Kok workshop led by Jim Nicholson from Vancouver, B.C., along with co-leaders Karen Laughlin and Sean Dennison from Tallahassee, Florida. Saturday morning, workshop participants and other members from the Tampa Bay area chanted in ceremony to enliven the Immortal Lu shrine, followed by a Jai vegetarian luncheon for all members. Following an afternoon of tai chi practice and a good night’s sleep, Sunday morning brought us to a ceremony to bless the Hospitality House, as we had blessed the Center the day before. (TTCS USA is fortunate to have a separate guest house on the Sarasota property that is available for all TTCS members and their families to use if they wish to visit the area.)  The Immortal Lu Lighting Ceremony followed. This ceremony includes the lighting of 36 candles on the shrine, set out in the shape of the Chinese character for “light”, visible in the accompanying pictures.

We were fortunate to have beautiful Florida weather for the weekend, and several participants enjoyed “Bagels and Tai Chi on the Beach” Sunday morning, prior to the formal program.

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2 responses to “FLK Workshop and Immortal Lu Shrine Enlivening in Sarasota

  1. I really suggest for everyone to do Tai Chi. It is great in spirituality, meditation and relaxation. And it also has great health benefits.

  2. Alan Yong

    Tai Chi brings oneness with the Universe. Regular practice one is able to achieve health & mental benefits and also longetivity. Loving regards, Alan Yong

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