They’ll Take Manhattan: NYC Workshop Attracts Record Participation

The final set

More than 80 participants descended on the Big Apple from the U.S. and Canada, from as far south as the Arizona and as far north as Edmonton, Alberta, for our recent workshop. The roster of guests included Dave Frame, president of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada, and Fraser Smith, president of Canada’s Western Region. The workshop was led by a quartet of the Society’s international directors/instructors: Karen Laughlin, Marsha Eberhardt, Sean Dennison and Judy Millen.

The weekend was a moveable feast, with evening sessions at the Tri-State Branch’s main location on West 29th St. and day sessions at DANY Studios in the heart of Midtown. Our focus was (surprise!) improving and refining the danyu and toryu—the (not-so) secret tip? Push from the feet!—plus ways to do repulse monkey and wave hands. Many of us dined together at two memorable restaurants: Chelsea Chinese Restaurant and Chef Yu’s. Our Kitchen Raffle raised approximately $600 to help renovate the Denver Branch’s kitchen. And sales of our new t-shirt, celebrating the merger of the NYC and NJ branches, as well as the yeard of the dragon, raised money for local branch activities.

But it wasn’t all fun and danyus. We listened to Mr. Moy stories and, at the close of the workshop, to the workshop leaders’ accounts of their global travels, reminding all of us that the Society is always dedicated to Mr. Moy’s vision of providing a place for tai chi in communities, and for communities, a place to do tai chi.

Throughout the weekend, local branch members chaperoned visitors to some of the city’s sites, including Rockefeller Center, where the holidays were already in full swing, and the High Line, New York’s newest and hippest tourist attraction, a city park in an abandoned, raised railway track. Together we raised over $15,000 to help support the Society’s work. The weekend wouldn’t have been a success without the hard work of teams of volunteers who made everything run smoothly and who made everyone feel welcome.

To the 80-odd (no comment, please) participants, thank you for your presence, your warmth, your friendship, and your hard work. It is your whole-hearted involvement in this and other TTCS activities that help make the Society the vibrant force for friendship and health that it is. We are glad and grateful that you came.

Hope to see you all next year. The Tri-State branch 2012 workshop is scheduled to be back in Manhattan the weekend of December 8 and 9. And we’ll be adding a banquet to the weekend’s festivities. Mark your calendars.

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2 responses to “They’ll Take Manhattan: NYC Workshop Attracts Record Participation

  1. Sometimes…..
    Don’t you just wish you had Booked that workshop……
    You most certainly …….
    Show the way…..
    Of How It’s Done !!!!!
    A lovely account…….
    Of a Lovely Event…..

  2. Dave Frame

    It was wonderful to participate in this workshop and the tri-state “hosts” did a fantastic job of making everyone in attendance feel welcome. Thanks also to the workshop leaders who shared their experiences with the group. The crowds and Christmas lights at Rockerfeller Centre will also be long remembered as will enoying a deep fried hotdog from Dickie Dee’s in Newark NJ. Hope to see all again at future TTCS events as time moves forward.

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