Chinese New Year Banquet at the European Centre, Colchester, Great Britain

Over 300 people greeted the Year of the Dragon with a Chinese New Year supper during a weekend workshop at the European Centre in Colchester, Great Britain, on January 21–22.
After a rousing lion dance, people enjoyed a sumptuous sit-down meal of 8 different dishes. At the end, two members of the GB Board who are based in Scotland gave a talk and slideshow detailing the progress of the newly purchased regional centre on Marionville Road, Edinburgh.
They thanked the International Board for their support and announced that their first workshop will be held on March 10–11. The evening rounded off with a quite spectacular firework display that lit up the Colchester building.
The supper was part of a weekend workshop led by Tony Kwong. He took the 275 participants through the foundations and then it was danyus and toryus, with a focus on relaxing with good form. On the second day Tony focused on the first few moves of the set. People worked hard and came away feeling energized, and that they had learned a lot.
For Siv from Norway, who has been practising Taoist Tai Chi  for just one year, it was her first visit to Colchester. She didn’t expect the New Year meal, it was a welcome bonus.
“But I did expect to have fun,” she said. “Everyone gets so nice from doing tai chi all day. The place was just filled with good vibrations.”

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One response to “Chinese New Year Banquet at the European Centre, Colchester, Great Britain

  1. a workshop that had i not gone to…..i know ‘it wl’d of been one of those workshops that you just wish you had gone on’……….
    all said….written……caught on image……and more and more and more…….
    yet the instructors and especially the workshop leader Tony Kwong……worked ongoingly on the simplicity the quietness ……
    i came away mch quieter……’d of had something to do with the work…….
    more humble….more happy at all the laughs….connections…….i made and re made…..and shown this teaching by yet one more of these people who show by example……..

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