Raising the Roof, Letting in the Light in New Scottish Regional Centre

As we enter 2012, attention has turned to waking the sleeping giant, renovating the interior of the Scottish Regional Centre on Marionville Road in Edinburgh.

Raising the Roof

Previous owners had removed  all the ceiling tiles and electrical cabling, leaving  an array of grid pieces and light fittings set low over the entire space of the main hall. A few weeks ago, two enthusiastic teams set about removing these. This has opened up the roof space and revealed the roof structure and the ducting of the old heating system, which it is hoped will be able to be brought back into use.

Bringing Down the Walls

During the years that the building has lain empty, plasterboard lining the walls has suffered water damage and needed to removed. While doing this, windows that had been boarded up have been revealed, allowing in more natural light. Happily, the structure behind the boards seems largely unscathed.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Taoist Tai Chi if we didn’t have the occasional tea break.

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One response to “Raising the Roof, Letting in the Light in New Scottish Regional Centre

  1. Jan Koene

    I wish you all a lot of energy, patience and many tea breaks! At the end it will be a beautiful place to play with our Tai Chi 🙂

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