Texas Celebrates Year of the Dragon

On Saturday, February, 25, 2012, the Austin chapter of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA made history by not celebrating the Chinese New Year banquet in a restaurant. This year, an in-house affair was implemented at Live Oak Unitarian Church, where tai chi classes are held. Tables were decked out with china and glass stemware, and the banquet filled the reception hall, which had been well decorated for the occasion.

Preceding the banquet, 55 students attended an intensive led by Virginia Amos, who came up from Corpus Christi. More than 75 guests enjoyed a seven-course meal catered by a local Chinese restaurant. The brief program included a regional and national update by Virginia and story-tellers shared how the Chinese zodiac became represented by 12 animals and imparted dragon lore.

Throughout the festivities, lots of fabulous door prizes were awarded to lucky winners, and t-shirts with our chapter’s new dragon design were delivered to those who had ordered them. More than 12 raffle gifts were donated and over $400 was raised. A red envelope gift was collected for the Denver Kitchen Fund. Besides members from Austin, guests from Dallas, Corpus Christi, and Pharr, Texas locations came to practice tai chi and celebrate Dragon style.

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