International Instructors Week Held in Madrid, Spain

The third international instructors meeting at the Southern European Centre in Madrid, Spain, was held the week March 21 to 2. More than 200 participants in all enjoyed one of those workshops that will never be forgotten.

Tony Kwong and Sean Dennison made us work at a rhythm that seemed gentle, at first. But they didn’t let up. We began each day with a session of chanting that was followed by two sets and foundation exercises, which brought us to the “stellar” moment of the workshop, the dan-yus.

There were two sessions each day. At first we did dan-yus for 10 minutes. But Tony lengthened the time a little more in each session. By the end we did dan-yus for 35 minutes! Tony said we had beaten the world record. Certainly we were all surprised at how easy it seemed to maintain good timing when we did it all together and how hard it is to maintain when we do it alone.

Singing also helped. We began with Happy Birthday and extended our repertoire, adding something for all the countries represented. After a time you stop thinking about how tired you are, and just let yourself be carried along, it seems as though you could go on forever. It is an incredible experience.

In less than two months, in June, we will have a memorable occasion in the ATCT in Europe, as two FLK High Shrines will be opened on two consecutive weekends, one in Spain and the other in Great Britain. The first will be on June 2 in the Southern European Centre, and we are really looking forward to it, for the significance it has and all that it will bring to us, in the process of learning and studying more profoundly this part of the enormous legacy which Master Moy left us.

We hope that you will all come to share this moment of joy and celebration with us. We promise you a warm welcome, good food, and as to the weather, well, we’re still working on that. As for dan-yus, we have the challenge of beating a new record! 

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