Hamilton Branch Hosts Its First National Workshop

This past weekend (April 14 – 15) the Hamilton (Ontario) Branch held its very first National Workshop. There were 45 attendees representing nine branches plus five satellites. Our Commanding Officer, I mean leader, was Judy Millen—who referred to herself as a drill sergeant.

Judy worked us until the windows steamed up.  The main themes of the week-nd were the dan-yu and change: dan-yus specifically as in tor-yus, wave hands, and the snake going into seven stars; change meaning both internal and external—mind and body flexibility.

We were all enriched by this Workshop and have been given a lot to take home and practice, as well as plenty to file away so we can dig it out later.

Thanks to all for a successful weekend and a great opportunity to showcase our new building to members from all over. Having a home like this is important to our promotion of the aims and objectives.

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2 responses to “Hamilton Branch Hosts Its First National Workshop

  1. May

    Congratulations on a wonderful event! We all love the dan-yu’s !!!

  2. Congratulations………on a job well done……..
    Love the T Shirt……..
    wishes and big smiles….
    from your Taoist Tai Chi cousins…..
    across that pond…….
    In Ireland…….

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