The Dutch Discover Health Recovery

No blue Monday feelings at the start of the Health Recovery Workshop in Helmond, the Netherlands. After the weekend of the Grand Opening and an International Workshop many members stayed on. New participants joined to bring the total to 160 people from all over the world to discover that every move can be done in many ways, no matter you state of mobility. Workshop leaders Tony Kwong, Sean Dennison and Marsha Eberhardt showed us how.

Everybody was happy with the “new” way of doing a several hundred dan-yu’s in a row: it’s very relaxing when you sing together! On Wednesday Tony’s favorite tune was “Volare, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh”! Even singing rounds of “Row, Row, Row the Boat” didn’t interfere with the timing of our Don-Yu’s.

Besides the obvious fact that everybody is walking straighter and quicker, one participant, Mark, mentioned that his employer is very happy for his health recovery. Since he recently started doing Taoist Tai Chi ™ he hasn’t been ill for one day. After a workshop in January he hasn’t taken any medication. His employer gave him the opportunity to visit this workshop and even paid for it. And he was not the only one.

Others shared experience and testimonials. Ans discovered how important it is to know your limitations, step back, and just do one task at a time. At the workshop she took care of the special diets and at the same time of her own health. This was Radek’s fifth Health Recovery Workshop. The biggest difference he noticed is that by working in small groups he needs to take more responsibility of his own practice. He thinks it’s wonderful to stay in the building and not in a hotel, so that he feels part of the community. He loved to share the meals and to help out setting up the tables and serving the food. Sabine goes home with her own recovery story to tell. She accidentally crushed her thumb in the kitchen doors. At the end of the workshop she showed her thumb, and we could hardly see the difference with ours. She is amazed how quickly it recovered.

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3 responses to “The Dutch Discover Health Recovery

  1. Gre Bronsema

    Wasn’t it a great time? I did the weekend and the Health Recoveryweek. We learned to do moves till wave hands like clouds a little different than we did befor. Now practise at home.
    Dan Yu’s for half an hour and singing all kind of songs, Dutch, American, Italian. Even Tony liked it! Vader Jacob and Frere Jaque all together.
    Gre Bronsema

  2. Congratulations on a Great workshop to all………..
    A lovely account…..not to mention……the great pictures….. …..
    Please note the capitals…….
    from smilley beings across the sea in……….

  3. Julie Gilligan

    It was my fifth HR workshop and no disappointment. It was lovely to be in the new centre and be able to appreciate the amount of work that has been put into it. As always it was a delight to see old friends and to meet new ones. The marked similarity between the format of this HR and the International Intructors’ workshop in Madrid a month earlier provided a great opportunity for further observation and highlighted for me the way we are all on a Health Recovery journey: there are no easy options. But you can have a lot of fun and laughter (and even singing!) on the way and long may that continue.

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