Goon Yam Shrine Enlivening in Eastern Region

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Last weekend Eastern Region unveiled a new shrine dedicated to Goon Yam in it’s regional center in Longueuil. Fung Lok Kok secretary Jim Nicholson, from Vancouver, came to lead ceremonies as well as the national workshop that took place on the same weekend.  Fatima Houda-Pépin, Vice-president of Quebec’s National Assembly, and City of Longueuil alderman Robert Gladu cut the red ribbon with Fung Loy Kok dignitaries and, along with members and other guests, partook in chanting the Goon Yam Gao Foo Ging sutra several times. Later, a traditional Jaï was served and as members ate together, they were all proud to see how the shrine lifted the spirit of those present in the building and how our regional center has transformed after only three years of occupation.

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One response to “Goon Yam Shrine Enlivening in Eastern Region

  1. Congratulations……..
    to all……
    Special Thank-You’s…….
    To all who made this possible…..
    and who shall make this possible……
    A big Smile is stretching from many branches
    on this Long awaited stage of our development within the society……
    With all the Luck and Wishes Imaginable…..

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