Renovations on Scottish Regional Centre Progress

Marionville Road Update

A lot’s happened in the past three months – and our previously run-down building is well on the way to becoming a handsome Scottish Regional Centre.

Improving the Face We Show to the World

The Centre frontage is being repainted. One try-out colour scheme is shown right. The final colour may differ.

First Phase of Clean Up Completed

By late January signage from the previous users had been removed, scrap metal had been sold for recycling and by mid-February, four skip-loads of debris had been cleared from the building.

Enter the Professionals  –  Restoring Power …

In early March, the vacant building was entrusted to the professional contractors. Electrical power has been restored to the building, allowing work to proceed and a security CCTV and alarm system to be installed.

… and Water …

A leak was discovered in the old water supply pipe in the forecourt. The pipe is in the process of being renewed, with its capacity being increased in anticipation of the greater demand in a busy Centre.

Also visible is the chain-link fence discreetly marking our front boundary.

… and the Roof and Steelwork

The roof, which let in water when it rained, has now been repaired.  Internal steelwork which had been corroded has been cleaned and recoated.

Roller shutters are now in working order and the main entrance to the building has been opened up.

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3 responses to “Renovations on Scottish Regional Centre Progress

  1. A really clear account of a great long awaited deserved project…… It has been a journey or rather part of a journey you’s started long before my own journey with the society began…… And you’s have walked one thousand miles…..and more…..the biggest bag of luck….. And a lorry-load of wishes….. Well deserved….,,,as they say over the pond……way to go…….big smiles looking at you’all ……. From the mainland…..Ireland…..

  2. one other thing i meant to say………as an artist…..the colour looks great…….

  3. Jan Koene

    Great work you all did! Nice colors . . . feel happy. Congratulations!

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