Winnipeg Branch Moves & Expands

Families do it when they grow. Children do it when they grow up. What is it? Move, of course. And that is just what the Winnipeg branch did recently. The building we were in just wasn’t big enough for us. It was a one-floor space, hemmed in by buildings on 2 sides, sidewalk in front and a back lane which allowed for parking for 2 vehicles. It was adequate as a “starter” base, but as our Tai Chi family grew we needed to find a new place.

Winnipeg branch members kept their eyes open for several years until one day a perfect building showed up on the market. An old, decommissioned church was available.

The main floor has a large open space. Of course, since it had been a church there was a raised area at one end, but a day of hammering, sawing, lifting and straining removed that. A hallway divides the main practice hall from a large office and a large storage room to use as the merchandise room. No longer is the merchandise all stored in a tiny closet! Once the mirrors, signs and shrine were moved from the old location it quickly became our new home.

The lower level also has a large open space so we could have a second class in session, and a small room at one end, perfect for small group meetings such as branch council meetings. And best of all – a large kitchen, ready to be converted to our use. We are looking forward to providing our own banquets here in the future.

As young people do when moving out, or young families do when expanding, we approached our “parents” for help in purchasing this new home. We are very grateful to the International Directors, the National Directors, and Central Region Management Committee for their support in approving the purchase of this new building for us through the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism.

We will be celebrating the Grand Opening of our new location on Saturday, May 12th with a ceremony and a meal. What family gathering would be complete without food? We are excited to host dignitaries from Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism who will help us celebrate.

The same weekend we are delighted to be hosting a National Level Workshop on Saturday and Sunday.

We are settling into our new home in the suburbs, inviting friends in and enjoying our new expanded space and neighbourhood. Yes, we even have grass!

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One response to “Winnipeg Branch Moves & Expands

  1. Jan Koene

    Well done and congratulations with your new place and home!

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