Dual First Anniversary Celebrations in Central Region

The joint celebration of the First anniversary of the Southwest Centre and the Horseshoe Centre in Canada’s Central Region was a wonderful example of locations from the Southwest area and the Niagara area working together to provide an outstanding day of learning, cooperating, and as always, enjoying delicious food. The event was held in Stratford at the Southwest Centre.

The dragon danced; the lion leaped and unexpectedly but gracefully rolled over! The audience enjoyed the performances.

Dr. Jennie Wells, special guest, spoke about the research project, funded by FLK, involving the benefits of practicing Taoist Tai Chi™  for those with mild cognitive impairment. Preliminary results have been positive.

Judy Millen led the workshop. She challenged the 99 members attending to work  hard, to break old habits, and learn new things in order to keep their brains humming and bodies supple (elastic). Alignment and dropping into the feet were focussed on in a number of moves and foundation exercises. It was a memorable workshop; the participants took home much to ponder about their own tai chi practice and what it means to be an instructor.

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