Video: How To Do More Danyus

This video was made during the recent workshop at the Grand Reopening and 20th Anniversary celebrations in Brandon, Florida. Don’t just watch, get up, danyu and sing along!


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3 responses to “Video: How To Do More Danyus

  1. A Lyon

    This was sooooo much fun. I think we did 20+ minutes Sat. and 15 on Sunday. Other favorite tracks on the Brandon danyu greatest hits album: “We all live in a Yellow Submarine”, “Day-O”, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” (as a round), “Oh Susanna”, and “We’re in the Army Now”. The younger generations were at a loss when it came to some of the older more obscure commercial ditties. When you aren’t able to sing along the danyus suddenly become more noticeable.

    CIT Week Challenge: distribute the playbook early enough that we can all memorize the words and stay focussed on our form.

  2. I know all those songs. Which certainly says something about the generation I’m in. Can’t wait for a CIT Week Danyu sing-along.

  3. MicheleFarley

    Not sure if I’m in the same age category but as an American living in the UK I loved hearing them as I’m clueless on some of the songs they sing here. Hope to one day visit. Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary.

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