20th Anniversary Banquet and International Workshop in Stockholm

This weekend of May 25–27 marked the 20th anniversary of the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Sweden. We celebrated by having a banquet as well as a two-day International Workshop in Stockholm. Guests from Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Poland & Hungary attended the event.

The delicious foods we enjoyed used some typical Swedish produce, such as smoked salmon with cloudberry sauce and asparagus. The guests were then treated to lingonberry pears for dessert, which were very yummy.

Iwona Kaszowska told us the story of how Master Moy asked the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Poland to start teaching in Scandinavia. Now we are suddenly celebrating our 20th anniversary and are of course grateful to both Master Moy and the Society in Poland for bringing these internal arts to Sweden.

During the banquet we also listened to some members stories about how the practise of Taoist Tai Chi has changed their life and how glad they were that they started practising.

After a good night’s rest, the workshop began on Saturday morning. Ankie Boumans led us through the standing excercises, glving us useful suggestions on how to relax to be able to practice more continuosly. Sunday’s practice also let us practice our vocal cords as we sang while practising our dan-yus. Especially funny was when someone started singing ”Euphoria,” this year’s winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest (which came from Sweden, by the way).

In the afternoon we left with more relaxed bodies, although our bellies might have been a little bit bigger.

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