Diary of a Work Weekend at the Scottish Regional Centre

While contractors continue their labours on the Scottish Regional Centre in Edinburgh during the week, members grasped the chance to help out during a recent June weekend.

Saturday, June 23 – Showers then Sunshine

It was a wet and windy morning, so only indoor work was done. A little time was spent on quickly smoothing new plaster before painting began. Most of the morning was spent applying a first coat of paint to the new internal wall. Meanwhile, one patient member chipped away at old cement from the floor—unsightly and a potential tripping hazard. Contractors will complete high level work. The interior is coming along well, but two big walls still need to be faced and painted.

In the afternoon, it was dry enough to move outdoors to start to tackle the weeds in the car park. There’s still a lot more to do though, to clear spaces for upwards of 80 cars.

Sunday, June 24 – Sunshine then a Shower

With the sun shining, it was time to start painting the external wall on the north-east side. First, weeds had to be cleared to give access to the base of the wall. Then graffiti could be covered as preparation for the whole wall to receive a fresh coat of paint. Having just finished this job, sadly rain stopped play.

Do come and help at the next work weekend.

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