With Opening of High Shrine, Southern European Centre in Madrid Is Complete

Two years ago, we were fortunate to open the Southern European Centre in Spain. We recognized it as a milestone in the development and growth of the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi organization, not only in Spain but also in Europe.Every workshop brought wonderful additions to the Centre. First, Andrew made it possible to feed everyone at the workshop and the Grand Opening banquet from a domestic kitchen. (We are still wondering how this was possible.)

Then, second, we added twin-bed accommodations for around 90 members. Immediately, we were aware that there were not enough showers. So third, we added four more showers to the women’s bathroom and five more to the men’s.

Then it came time for the Chinese kitchen, so we moved the equipment that we couldn’t use from Mallorca to Madrid. We also moved a disable toilet and some other little things….

And on the 2nd of June, we received the wonderful addition of the FLK High Shrine, so now, the Southern European Centre is complete. Of course, there will be many new things to come, but they will just be improvements so that we can better use our facilities. Our hope is that many more members from all over the world will experience and learn from everything we have done. The Centre will be a place where people work together, help others, and share Master Moy’s legacy.

At this very special occasion, we were pleased to host a group of Chinese seniors, including Mr. and Mrs. Tam, who helped us to see that the cultural differences are not so big or so many, that we are very close in the important things. It was wonderful to have them present and to share with them a few days. They worked very hard to prepare everything and advise us. We also felt very much honored to have such great support from the International TTC and FLK Board. All their advice and great help during these days made everything run smoothly through the natural chaos of these kinds of events.

We are getting closer to what Master Moy encouraged us to do, and this is wonderful!

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