Denver Hosts International Workshop

During a record-breaking heat wave in Denver this June, almost 100 members gathered at the Denver Center for an International Workshop. Members came from as far away as Costa Rica and Canada, and all of the USA regions were well represented.

Tony Kwong led the group with support from Sean Denison. When it came time for dan-yus, Tony had everyone do them for 15 minutes. We all started singing old songs to take our minds off of the work.  It was a fun experience, which we repeated the second day, as well. Tony also emphasized the tor-yu. A great deal can be learned in a weekend workshop with Tony.

We enjoyed many catered meals at the Denver center. The local members did a great job hosting the Society at this year’s event. For a special treat the organized a breakfast set at Red Rocks amphitheater on Sunday morning.

No one could believe how quickly the weekend ended, though we were all very tired from working really hard. After the workshop we went out to dinner and then for a casual stroll in Denver’s Washington Park. Tony suggested a few sets so we found an empty tennis court and did more tai chi with Tony in the park. What a wonderful weekend in Denver. Sean and Tony finalized plans for the Denver kitchen during the workshop. The Denver kitchen will be built thanks to the $73,377 contributions by members of the Taoist Tai Chi  Fung Loy Kok worldwide. Thanks to all who participated.

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