Hungary Hosts Its Biggest Workshop Ever

On July 7 and 8 the TTCS of Hungary hosted an International Workshop near Budapest in a small town called Leányfalu. Everyone was very excited about this workshop because this was the first such event in Budapest in five years. Many members were involved in the preparations, and all help was very welcome, as it turned out to be the biggest workshop ever organized in Hungary.

The weekend started with a demonstration on Friday afternoon, in which over 80 members participated. The demo was followed by a small discussion with the press and invited guests. The workshop started on Saturday under the leadership of Judy Millen. Of the 146 participants, nine were from outside Hungary. We were delighted to welcome members from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, and Poland. For over 40 participants, this was their very first International Workshop!

Judy led us back to the very basics of the moves. We heard the words “from the feet” many times during this weekend. Judy also talked to us about the importance of the blueprint that Master Moy left us and pointed out how vast his legacy is. We talked about the importance of seniors in our groups and also people with health challenges.

On the Monday morning following the workshop Judy led an intensive in our clubhouse in Budapest. More than 45 very enthusiastic members attended. After the last set, which we did as if it was the most fun we ever had, everyone was reluctant to leave, so Judy was kind enough to teach some aspects of the most frequent move of the set: the single whip. We then wished her a good trip back to Canada.

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3 responses to “Hungary Hosts Its Biggest Workshop Ever

  1. May

    the photos are amazing!

  2. Dave Frame

    Congratulations. Sounds like a fantastic time.

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