A Jam Session at a Nova Scotia Branch

Senior members of the Truro, Nova Scotia, location have come up with  a new fundraiser in support of the Atlantic Region.

Fruit and many types of berries grown in a member’s garden, along with sugar, pectin, jars and lids,  were donated so that we could hold a jelly and jam making day. The only problem was that our downtown Truro location has no kitchen. The Anglican Church, just across the street from us, very generously provided us with the use of their kitchen facilities for a whole day, free of charge, so that we could go ahead with our fundraiser.

The pictures tell the tale—at the end of the day, we had made 138 jars of wonderful jams and jellies, all ready for labels with our logo. We had such a great day—during which we reminded each other to stir with “elbows down.” It’s amazing how helpful that instruction is when you spend a whole day stirring!

We expect to make over $800 for our Region from the project.  In fact, we had made almost half of that amount by the very next day!

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4 responses to “A Jam Session at a Nova Scotia Branch

  1. Sweet! What a great idea. We don’t have access to our own fruit here in the Big Apple, but I’m an avid jammer and canner nevertheless. Thinking about what we might be able to do here. Congratulations!

  2. Karen Fitzgerald

    Some seniors from the Calgary Branch have been doing jam and marmalade for a couple of years. They used the fruit from the temple and then whatever other fruit that anyone donated. Sells very well to our members!

  3. A Lyon

    Aw Man, I was hoping you’d have them at CIT Week! I’d pay to try your crab apple jelly, oooo, and strawberry rhubarb!! What a great idea and tasty reason to visit Nova Scotia this time of year!! A berry good workshop, perhaps?

  4. Steffi Breiholz

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve just passed your great idea on to the branches in Germany hoping to repeat your success 🙂

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