Krakow, Poland, Hosts First Regional Workshop

These were two great days for the Society in Poland, especially for the members from Krakow, where we held the city’s very first Regional Workshop on June 23–24, 2012. More than 90 members from the Polish branches and from Lviv, Ukraine, gathered to practice together. The workshop was led by Beata Walczak from Warsaw, supported by Robert Szaj from Poznan.

They were showing the first four movements of the set in detail. Also we were doing don-yus—while singing–which helped us to forget about time, tiredness, and enjoy practicing even more.

The workshop was one of the few occasions when we all meet together. This year Krakow Club celebrated its 5th anniversary, and to honor this occasion a ceremonial dinner was organized on Saturday evening. We recalled the stories about setting up the Club in Krakow and organizing the first classes. There were many greetings and good wishes given, as well as the presentation of an anniversary cake!

We all were delighted to spend this special time together–both practicing and celebrating.

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