Report from CIT Week 2012

Midway through the third day of CIT Week 2012, we’ve already done “karaoke” danyus for a total of almost 90 minutes. That’s a long time to be pumping up and down and singing songs (in English and in French). Hundreds, if not thousands of danyus. More than stamina, we could use some lyrics. And the week has just begun.

After a spot of rain on Day 1, the shone bright and a cool breeze blew through the practice hall on Day 2, where more than 650 members have gathered from around the world for a week of detailed instruction, intense practice, meetings, meals, and fun. The large group is divided into two, with CITs who have assignments inside the building and unassigned CITs and beginners on the deck outside. These groups have been further divided into small practice groups of about 20 people each to work on the instruction that is being led by Tony Kwong inside and Sean Dennison outside.

There have been a few changes in organization from year’s past. This year tasks, such as garbage collection, watering, chopping, and weeding, have been assigned to the different practice groups. During the meals, food stations have been set up outside around the main buildings and tables under tarps and umbrellas are scattered around the beautiful grounds of the Orangeville campus.

Much effort is going into practice for Awareness Day in downtown Toronto on Thursday. The dragons come to life between sessions, dancing through the landscape as their legs practice their important (and difficult) roles. VIPs are confirming their attendance at the festivities. And media calls are being made. All in all it is the same great experience you expect every year, only better than you remember it.

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  1. Thanks for the update! 🙂 Wish I was there too; maybe next year.

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