Hungarian Society Wins Cooking Contest and Unexpected Prize

First prize at the 2nd annual Lecsó Festival in Eger, Hungary.

The city of Eger hosted its 2nd annual lecsó festival on the 1st of September, 2012. Lecsó is a Hungarian dish similar to ratatouille, its main ingredients being tomatoes, peppers and onions. The main program of the festival was a lecsó cooking contest, for which teams competed to produce the best lecsó. The program started in the morning and while the teams (including ours) were starting to prepare the food, we did a demo and had the possibility to also talk about our aims and objectives and the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi, and also to promote our new beginner group starting in September.

For the contest we chose a recipe with a more oriental flavour in order to promote cultural exchange. Besides the traditional ingredients we also added garlic, eggplants, plums and curry for example. The final result was really tasty. The jury judged teams based on the food preparation process, the appearance of the team, and also on how the dish was being served. To our surprise we were one of the three teams selected by the jury for the first three places. The winner then was decided by a public draw and to our even bigger surprise it was the team of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Hungary that got the first place! The prize was another surprise, a 2-month-old calf.

After a short discussion we came to the conclusion that we should give the calf away for a donation although everyone was sad to part with him. All in all we had a great deal of fun during the day, and because many people, the local newspapers and television were also present we could promote Taoist Tai Chi to a really wide audience.


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5 responses to “Hungarian Society Wins Cooking Contest and Unexpected Prize

  1. marcus marguillier

    Congratulations with your price !
    I hope that the calf found a nice home. It is a living creature with a soul.

  2. Melanie

    Congratulations for the best ratatouille price and for the calf… I enjoy being part of the Taoist Tai Chi Society because there are always these quite unexpected and very nice events. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  3. Bernard

    This is a very nice story. Congratulations!!!

  4. Jan Koene

    Congratulations with this price and keep on enjoy the Tai Chi.

  5. Ambrózy Tamás

    Szóval belecsaptatok a lecsóba! Nagyon gratulálok, megkóstoltam volna szívesen!

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