Bringing Balance to the Heart of British Government

Serenity reigned on the lawns outside the historic House of Lords on Saturday morning. The sun shone obligingly on the group of 70 Taoist Tai Chi Society members as they demonstrated the 108 moves of the set.

Those taking part had come to London from as far as Kent, Sussex, Essex, Suffolk and even Shropshire! Members of the London classes also came out in force to support the event.

Bus loads of tourists enjoyed the opportunity to watch Taoist Tai Chi being practised in front of such an impressive backdrop. Photographs were taken along with leaflets and many took the opportunity to talk to members about the society and the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi. A photographer from the Sunday Times was also present and busily snapping away.

We tried to keep tight formation in our rows and columns and stay together with our timing. All different levels were represented, with some new beginners who were only just learning the set in our midst as well as many who have been practising for, well, a good part of their lifetime! The light-hearted and supportive approach was everywhere evident and, as ever with Taoist Tai Chi, the whole was far greater than the sum of its parts. The group was certainly beautiful to watch.

Big Ben struck one o’clock as we swept the lotus—a grand crowning moment of the day!

This clearly heralded lunchtime, and after three hours of tai chi practice in the sunshine, we felt this was very well-earned. All those who attended throughly enjoyed their morning of tai chi and many went on to share food in Chinatown whilst others made a beeline for the Science Museum and other London attractions.


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  1. Congrats by the score…….
    Way To Go………
    please note the capitals……..
    from the shores of Ireland……..

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