Dunedin hosts “Thanksgiving in October” Banquet

Holding a Thanksgiving banquet in October wasn’t the only twist on this Dunedin, Florida, event. Without a working kitchen members had to do a lot of improvising and some cooking at home. Shopping, chopping, grilling, plating serving, eating and clean up were all part of this first real adventure into “The Kitchen.”

The menu was fabulous: homemade hummus, muffins, cranberry sauce and wild rice were prepared off-site. On-site we made spinach salad, grilled vegetables and sweet potatoes, and we also warmed turkey. The only prepared items purchased were the sliced turkey breast and pumpkin pies. The banquet was attended by more than 100 people and the program included a jazz singer, speakers, and a tai chi demo. This event is a step towards our kitchen and it’s use. There were several fund-raising items on sale to “Kick off the Dunedin Kitchen”: Pur-erh tea was a hit, as were wild rice, local restaurant coupons, fine wine, and more.

WOW! What a great event. And how wonderful to see so many people involved in making it a success!

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2 responses to “Dunedin hosts “Thanksgiving in October” Banquet

  1. Wonderfull! I’m looking forward to the IIWS in Helmond in november!

  2. Congratulations with a big capital C please note……….
    that kitchen ….will come your way without a doubt……..the intention is there …..the peoples are there………
    way to go……
    fond wishes from the shores of Ireland…..

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