Slovakia Celebrates 15th Anniversary

TTCS of Slovakia hosted a three-day workshop in Bratislava September 28 thru 30, 2012. The workshop was led by Judy Millen. We welcomed 98 participants, nearly half of them were from abroad—Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic.

Breakfasts were prepared and all meals were served in our clubhouse. More than 15 members slept there, so the building was really alive during the weekend.

On the first day we had a demo at two places in the Bratislava town center. The weather was wonderful and we did two sets at both locations. Slovak television was present there and a report from the demo was on TV as part of the daily news the following Monday.

On Friday evening we had a fabulous banquet in our clubhouse. At the beginning, the reception committee in folk costumes welcomed all guests in a traditional Slovak way—with bread, salt and slivovitz (plum brandy). The jam-packed program included speeches from the representatives from the various countries in attendance, talking about health benefit of Taoist Tai Chi, poetry and the history of Slovak TTCS. Slovak folk music was playing during the whole evening. At the end of the event we tasted a huge 15th Anniversary cake.

On Saturday and Sunday we continued the workshop. Judy worked with us on “pushing from the feet” and using structure and bones. We were lucky because Paul Davies was also there and he helped us with our “monkeys.”

On Tuesday, Judy led an intensive in our clubhouse. Almost 50 participants had a very good time practicing “danyus” and “waving hands.” Judy promised to do her best to come to celebrate our 30th Anniversary with us.

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One response to “Slovakia Celebrates 15th Anniversary

  1. Congratulations to all………and a big bag of thank-you’s on ‘getting it all together’………… they say across the water….Way To Go……..
    wishes from the shores of Ireland……

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