Together in Harmony

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Together, all around the Eastern Region, some 260 members moved in harmony, albeit miles apart, for a simultaneous workshop, in 13 locations.Instructors most often came from an other branch were welcomed with a Potluck before the workshop.  At 4:00 PM, previously paired locations, phoned each other to be certain that they were really in harmony, despite the distance for the entire set:

-Hello Trois-Pistoles, this is Repentigny! We are at the first Single Whip… Now!

-Hello Val d’Or, this is Châteauguay! We are finishing second Cross-hands… Now!

With this information, it was possible to dwell together in harmony, so much so that even for the move Turn Around to Sweep Lotus, whether on the phone or live, we heard only one “Shlak!”… well synced, wow!


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2 responses to “Together in Harmony

  1. Congratulations……..
    on a job well done…….
    from the shores of Ireland…….

  2. Jan Koene

    Great doing, and all together doing the set!

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