Hungary Hosts 2nd International Workshop This Year

On  November 3 & 4, the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Hungary hosted an International Workshop, its second this year in and near our clubhouse in Sopron.

We have been all very excited about the number of participants since this was the first time that Hungary had the chance to host two International Workshops in one year. As the previous one was quite well attended, we could just hope that many members were eager to use this opportunity of working together. Soon after the registration forms were sent out, members started to register and finally we ended up with 120 participants, most of them from Hungary, but also some members from abroad, like Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany.

The workshop was led by Carmen Capilla, and as the previous workshop was about going back to the basics, this time we learnt new ways of doing the moves, starting at the beginning of the set. But the real star of the workshop turned out to be the snakes. Whenever we worked on our snakes as a foundation or as part of the set, questions kept on coming.

Besides Tai Chi we were also offered a taste of some of the other Taoist arts. We had the opportunity to chant and also try standing meditation. And most importantly, we enjoyed working together. We are really thankful for this great opportunity and can only hope that members will choose to go to workshops even more often, whether close or further away.

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  1. Congratualations……
    on a job well done……….
    for your account…..
    for the images……
    many thank-you’s……
    wishes and hopes……
    from the shores of……

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