17 Countries at the 1st International Instructors Workshop in Helmond

The first five-day International Instructors Workshop in Helmond is happening right now. After many years in a rented location in Someren—many of you will remember the farm buildings—we finally are hosting an IIWS in our new centre.

A record number of 285 participants from 17 countries are participating. And still people are registering for the workshop!

The workshop leaders are Marsha Eberhardt, Sean Dennison and Andrew Hung. They spoke about the stillness inside the body and how it helps us to make the moves without effort.

All the activities are taking place in one big space, except of course for the cooking. These activites include practicing Taoist Tai Chi, standing meditation, chanting, chopping vegetables, washing dishes, preparing tea break, having meals. This is quite special because you can see and experience a lot of harmony between the members. This is a lot of fun, which you can see in the many happy faces.

The big surprise today: the chanting ritual of the cleansing of the building. A  ritual through which we “permeated the building with the golden light of the heavens.” This was a walking chant of two short chants.

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4 responses to “17 Countries at the 1st International Instructors Workshop in Helmond

  1. Maisie

    Congratulations on the new centre!

  2. TaiChiBlog

    It was a great and good organized, healthy and inspiring workshop with a lot of hard working lovely people . . . Full of energy, together and good feelings. Great memories about this five days! Many thanks to al the people who give a peace of themselves to each other.

  3. Dave Frame

    Looks/sounds like it was a fantastic week. Wonderful to have a permanent center in Holland and with it being supported by so many. Congratulations and best wishes from Canada

  4. Congratulations on the success of your first 5 day workshop……
    Congratulations on getting away from …..Landlords/landladies……
    No offence to any landlords/landladies out there…….
    But you know what i mean………

    Congratulations on the New building……….
    Congratulations on the 285+ participants…….
    Not to mention a big bag of Congrats …
    to the workshop leaders/helpers……..
    May it/you continue/grow/become more known……
    Most certainly a job well done……..
    and as they say at the heart of the society……
    Way to go…..
    I think i may be….a few miles out
    Gotto apply that ol’ 3-3 method to my geography……

    by the Truck-Load…….
    From the shores of Ireland…….

    Keep on Keeping on……

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